Peneleapaí offers a time and space just for you. Dedicated to your deep healing and restoration, a wealth of life experience and fine-tuned professional training give you a harmonious organic re-calibration; a reboot on the soul, psyche and physical level!

Our Services

Delicious Massage therapy; medical QiGong  (Soaring Crane style); chakra balancing; Children’s, Family, Female and Male Somatic Psychotherapy, Deeply healing Tantra

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available in the value you desire plus their cost of €5


Basic treatment sessions
• 30 minutes  €45
• 60 mins        €60
• 90 mins        €80


March 2020 Yoni Egg Retreat

15-17 May 2020 DNM 1

DermoNeuroModulation in Ireland
Tutor Mike Reoch
                                                   Oct 2020 DNM 2
DermoNeuroModulation in Ireland
Tutor Rey Allen

Plan a Visit

Thank you for booking your tailor made session with GLOW II&I Clinic.
You will confirm date, time, venue, and price for your appointment, and on the day of the treatment, it may be of benefit to aim to do the following:
• Shower or washing 
• Bringing water to stay hydrated; post-session is often a good time to reinvigorate/flush your system with clean fresh water.
• If you can go for a walk outdoors in nature it often proves highly beneficial and amplifies the healing effects of the session.