About Me

Unless otherwise stated, your therapist is Peneleapaí
An acoustic original, Peneleapaí is an artist whose native place of birth is Turtle Island (NYC), but for the majority of her life has lived in Ireland. Immersed in a conscious community as a Raw Vegan, she studied Shiatsu, medical QiGong, hot stone massage (as per Edgar Cayce), and practised herbalism as a Seed grower and guardian for SSEHenry Doubleday Foundation, and ISSA. She has studied Bio-Intensive growing and BioDynamic agriculture. Her Teacher Dr Gabriel Cousens (Tree of Life) had introduced flourishing radiant lifestyle and veganic gardens via spiritual fasting retreats in the high deserts. Nutrition via live, wild, plantbased food and the elements (earthing, inner/outer fire, hydration, light and oxygenation) has been a lifelong connection and with both humility and healthy humour, she offers high frequency foods in association with Bia Beo (Living Raw Vegan Lifestyle and Foods in Éirinn).
Peneleapaí is a member of Respect Massage.
Peneleapaí first encountered Anthroposophy when homeschooling her two children, subsequently undertaking training under ISKA and running the Clonakilty Steiner Waldorf Kindergarten in west Cork. She also mentored under Gene Campbell during The Labours of Hercules – Waldorf Homeschooling Conference held at Rudolf Steiner Centre, Toronto Canada. Peneleapaí is a current member of the Anthroposophical Society in Ireland.
She is a trained S.N.A. (QQI Level 5), and also has qualified under the guidance of Tara Brandel (Croí Glan Integrated Dance Company) as a practitioner of Integrated Dance. She had trained previously with Joffrey Ballet (NYC) and was a member of Love Your Belly Danse du Ventre Troupe (dir. M von der Pol). She is an alumnus of Listening Room International Songwriter Retreats (dir. B Perkins).
Peneleapaí is qualified as instructor of internal martial healing arts (Soaring Crane style) medical QiGong under Chen Hui-Xian, under Master Zhao Jin-Xiang
She began her training in the widely varied world of relationship dynamics/intimate intelligence/Tantra with Dawn CartwrightShakti Malan, B Prior, PHI (Pelvic-Heart Integration) c/o Celtic Tantra, Matthias Schwenteck, Betty Martin, Barbara Carrellas, Olivia Bryant, Dr Hartwig Volbehr, Dr Wolfgang Gädeke, and is currently mentored under J Picard
Peneleapaí sits in on the council of elders with Earth Wisdom Foundation Ireland. She has been present with Circleway Ireland, and is a pupil of Community (Re-)Building via Deep Nature Connection and 8 Shields Institute intergenerational Mentoring (dir. Jon Young).
She has been active in healing ritual and closure ceremony affiliated with conscious death, dying, bereavement, and the community of Dead, and also works as outreach in association with IHF and is a board member of ICBN.
At present Peneleapaí is in training with Dr T von Rottenburg in the modality of Applied Star Medicine.
She hosts the East Clare Vegan Rising (a potluck, social, and information meet up for all vegan-curious and vegan-confirmed folk), as well as a monthly Death Café/Study Group. At present she is brainstorm and mistress-minding more for Vox Camerata (a vegan-friendly voice and movement performance corps),  the Irish Vegan Retreat