Treatment Rates

• 30 minutes     €45


• 60 minutes     €60


• 90 minutes     €80


Each month there are concessions, specials, offers. 
All referrals are rewarded when your name is quoted at time of booking by new clients. 
Winners of Free Treatments in seasonal Draws must activate acceptance of prize via feedback review. (Tell us we suck! Or how orgasmic we are!!)*
* figuratively

Plan a Visit

Thank you for booking your tailor made session with GLOW II&I Clinic.
You will confirm date, time, venue, and price for your appointment, and on the day of the treatment, it may be of benefit to aim to do the following:
• Shower or washing yourself
• Bringing water to stay hydrated; after your session is often a very good time to reinvigorate your system with clean fresh water.
• If you can go for a walk outdoors in nature it often proves highly beneficial and amplifies the healing effects of the session.